“What is one grain of sand in the desert? One grain amongst

Black and Grey Morality: Ahriman is definitely evil, but his brother/counterpart, Ormazd, despite being the god of light is lacking in admirable qualities and at best is a Neglectful Precursor. This may be justified in that being the god of light, and IRL the equivalent of God in Zoroastrianism, he isn’t the kind of god that intervenes much in the world affairs. Not personally anyway. Body Horror: What the Corruption does to its victims. Book Ends: The opening and closing scenes. “What is one grain of sand in the desert? One grain amongst the storm?” Bottomless Pit Rescue Service: Elika is happy to help. Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: Elika dies to seal away Ahriman. Then immediately subverted by the Prince who breaks the seal of Ahriman’s prison in order to revive Elika again. Cel Shading: Taken to an extreme, combined with wide, sweeping vistas for maximum Scenery Porn. Character Development: The left trigger/L2 is a dialogue button for the “Prince” to talk to Elika, which may dole out a hint, more about the backstory of the land or characters, or simply Han and Leia esque playful banter. Charles Atlas Superpower: All the incarnations of the Prince are inhumanly agile. The Prince in this game might take the cake, however. The boss fights make it clear that he is more than strong enough to block and parry the blows of a massive stone behemoth, that he’s physically stronger than the rest of the Corrupted (who are larger than him and empowered with darkness), and that his head is harder than the Mourning King’s helmet. He can generally throw the Corrupted in the air one handed, as well. Clothing Damage: Elika’s lacy blouse gets slightly more torn each time the plot advances, and it’s subtle enough that the player may not even notice. This is also a Fanservice Mythology Gag, because a player who remembers the Prince’s Shirtless Scene from Sands of Time may expect Elika to repeat it. (She doesn’t.) Continuity Reboot: This game is unconnected to the Sands of Time trilogy. Pity it was abandoned in order to return to that series. Counter Attack: In combat, the Prince is able to counter most enemy attacks and deal them a devastating blow. The Corruption: Ahriman’s influence. Cutscene Power to the Max: The Prince is able to grab hold of specific ledges and bars to move around the area. In certain cutscenes, though, he is shown to be capable of much more elaborate manuevers. This style was actually moved into Assassin’s Creed made by the same people http://jongnederlandreeshof.nl/but-hes-licked-from-the-start-with-kinbergs-script/, where you can literally grab onto almost anything. Cut Short: The reboot had only two games and epilogue DLC, resolving nothing. Crash Into Hello: Elika and the Prince. Deadpan Snarker: The Prince is constantly snarking in the cutscenes, and once you exhaust the optional conversations with Elika, the dialogue button basically becomes a snark button.

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