The Secret Service then told John that they were waiting for

I walked back to Senator Kennedy office and then began moving quickly toward the stairs, to reach my car to return to the White House. Suddenly, the lead Secret Service agent turned to me and my staff and said that we needed to head to the basement immediately. We took off at a run; Judd Gregg suggested his private office, which was in the lower level and was an interior room. The Secret Service then told John that they were waiting for an Emergency Response Team to reach the Capitol. The team would take me, but my staff would be left behind. Overhearing the conversation, I turned back and said, everyone is coming. We entered Judd office, where I tried to call Barbara and Jenna, and Judd tried to call his daughter, who was in New York. Then we sat and talked quietly about our families and our worries for them, and the overwhelming shock we both felt. They now included an additional Secret Service detail and an Emergency Response Team, dressed in black tactical clothing like a SWAT force and moving with guns drawn. As we raced through the dim hallways of the Russell Building, past panicked staffers emptying from their offices, the ERT team shouted BACK and covered my every move with their guns. We reached the underground entrance; the doors on the motorcade slammed shut, and we sped off. The Secret Service had decided to take me temporarily to their headquarters, located in a nondescript federal office building a few blocks from the White House. Following the Oklahoma City bombing, their offices had been reinforced to survive a large scale blast. Outside our convoy windows, the city streets were clogged with people evacuating their workplaces and trying to reach their own homes.

“The Reason You Suck” Speech: Horatio gives a very satisfying one to MetroMind in one of the endings. Title Drop: Metro Mind, in one of her final speeches to Horatio, tells him that “together, we can build a Primordia; every day a moment of creation”. Trailers Always Lie: Don’t let the teaser dialogue fool you no part of this game is about searching for the remnants of humanity. You ARE the remnants, and no Humanist god figure is actually present in the game. Trailers Always Spoil: You might not appreciate it without context, but the trailers give several puzzle solutions and some of the possible game endings away. Turned Against Their Masters: Retroactively, at least: MetroMind has banned discussion of Humanism from Metropol, and erased all public records of human existence, creating the illusion that the robot society is the only one which has ever existed. Later it is revealed that she also poisoned all of the humans of Metropol and blamed the attack on HORUS. Well Intentioned Extremist: MetroMind just wants to keep Metropol running, but her massive ego causes her to become a borderline dictator. Utopia Justifies the Means: MetroMind’s view of things. Horatio can agree in one of the bad endings. Unusual Euphemism: “B’sod.” BSOD. Blue Screen Of Death. Get it? Very False Advertising: Metropol, described as “The City of Glass And Light” looks like a cyberpunk dystopia that’s been decaying for several decades. Not Played for Laughs. Vitriolic Best Buds: Horatio and Crispin. While they constantly rib and insult each other, they really do care about one another, and Horatio is devastated by Crispin’s possible death. Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: Ever Faithful speaks this way.

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