Was just sending a message to my friend saying it the first

Another approach, using server side validation, is to re display the form (including any previously entered data), and a text description at the top of the page that indicates the fact that there was an error, describes the nature of the problem, and provides ways to easily locate the field(s) with a problem.Show values of the correct data entry that are similar to the user’s data entry, with instructions to the user as to how to enter one of these correct values should the user choose to do so.ExamplesThe user inputs invalid data on a form field. When the user exits the field, an alert dialog appears that describes the nature of the error so the user can fix it.The user inputs invalid data on a form field and submits the form. The server returns the form, with the user’s data still present, and indicates clearly in text at the top of the page that there were input errors.

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