US license plates starting 5O

In some regions of the country, the color of the license plate number may indicate a certain date of its registration. Residents of some states can choose the color of the license plate when registering a vehicle. All car registration numbers are issued in ascending order. Each color can be attached to a specific state. Choosing AC, you also have to select an additional 2 symbols.

License plates formats

  • 5O
  • 5 O
  • 5-O
  • 5O-
  • 5O
  • 5O
  • 5 O
  • 5O
  • 5-O
  • 5O-
  • 5O■■
  • 5O ■■
  • 5O-■■
  • 5O■■■
  • 5O ■■■
  • 5O-■■■

Select the first 4 characters of license plate

5OAA* 5OAB* 5OAC* 5OAD* 5OAE* 5OAF* 5OAG* 5OAH* 5OAI* 5OAK* 5OAL* 5OAM* 5OAN* 5OAO* 5OAP* 5OAQ* 5OAR* 5OAS* 5OAT* 5OAV* 5OAX* 5OAY* 5OA0* 5OA1* 5OA2* 5OA3* 5OA4* 5OA5* 5OA6* 5OA7* 5OA8* 5OA9*
5OBA* 5OBB* 5OBC* 5OBD* 5OBE* 5OBF* 5OBG* 5OBH* 5OBI* 5OBK* 5OBL* 5OBM* 5OBN* 5OBO* 5OBP* 5OBQ* 5OBR* 5OBS* 5OBT* 5OBV* 5OBX* 5OBY* 5OB0* 5OB1* 5OB2* 5OB3* 5OB4* 5OB5* 5OB6* 5OB7* 5OB8* 5OB9*
5OCA* 5OCB* 5OCC* 5OCD* 5OCE* 5OCF* 5OCG* 5OCH* 5OCI* 5OCK* 5OCL* 5OCM* 5OCN* 5OCO* 5OCP* 5OCQ* 5OCR* 5OCS* 5OCT* 5OCV* 5OCX* 5OCY* 5OC0* 5OC1* 5OC2* 5OC3* 5OC4* 5OC5* 5OC6* 5OC7* 5OC8* 5OC9*
5ODA* 5ODB* 5ODC* 5ODD* 5ODE* 5ODF* 5ODG* 5ODH* 5ODI* 5ODK* 5ODL* 5ODM* 5ODN* 5ODO* 5ODP* 5ODQ* 5ODR* 5ODS* 5ODT* 5ODV* 5ODX* 5ODY* 5OD0* 5OD1* 5OD2* 5OD3* 5OD4* 5OD5* 5OD6* 5OD7* 5OD8* 5OD9*
5OEA* 5OEB* 5OEC* 5OED* 5OEE* 5OEF* 5OEG* 5OEH* 5OEI* 5OEK* 5OEL* 5OEM* 5OEN* 5OEO* 5OEP* 5OEQ* 5OER* 5OES* 5OET* 5OEV* 5OEX* 5OEY* 5OE0* 5OE1* 5OE2* 5OE3* 5OE4* 5OE5* 5OE6* 5OE7* 5OE8* 5OE9*
5OFA* 5OFB* 5OFC* 5OFD* 5OFE* 5OFF* 5OFG* 5OFH* 5OFI* 5OFK* 5OFL* 5OFM* 5OFN* 5OFO* 5OFP* 5OFQ* 5OFR* 5OFS* 5OFT* 5OFV* 5OFX* 5OFY* 5OF0* 5OF1* 5OF2* 5OF3* 5OF4* 5OF5* 5OF6* 5OF7* 5OF8* 5OF9*
5OGA* 5OGB* 5OGC* 5OGD* 5OGE* 5OGF* 5OGG* 5OGH* 5OGI* 5OGK* 5OGL* 5OGM* 5OGN* 5OGO* 5OGP* 5OGQ* 5OGR* 5OGS* 5OGT* 5OGV* 5OGX* 5OGY* 5OG0* 5OG1* 5OG2* 5OG3* 5OG4* 5OG5* 5OG6* 5OG7* 5OG8* 5OG9*
5OHA* 5OHB* 5OHC* 5OHD* 5OHE* 5OHF* 5OHG* 5OHH* 5OHI* 5OHK* 5OHL* 5OHM* 5OHN* 5OHO* 5OHP* 5OHQ* 5OHR* 5OHS* 5OHT* 5OHV* 5OHX* 5OHY* 5OH0* 5OH1* 5OH2* 5OH3* 5OH4* 5OH5* 5OH6* 5OH7* 5OH8* 5OH9*
5OIA* 5OIB* 5OIC* 5OID* 5OIE* 5OIF* 5OIG* 5OIH* 5OII* 5OIK* 5OIL* 5OIM* 5OIN* 5OIO* 5OIP* 5OIQ* 5OIR* 5OIS* 5OIT* 5OIV* 5OIX* 5OIY* 5OI0* 5OI1* 5OI2* 5OI3* 5OI4* 5OI5* 5OI6* 5OI7* 5OI8* 5OI9*
5OKA* 5OKB* 5OKC* 5OKD* 5OKE* 5OKF* 5OKG* 5OKH* 5OKI* 5OKK* 5OKL* 5OKM* 5OKN* 5OKO* 5OKP* 5OKQ* 5OKR* 5OKS* 5OKT* 5OKV* 5OKX* 5OKY* 5OK0* 5OK1* 5OK2* 5OK3* 5OK4* 5OK5* 5OK6* 5OK7* 5OK8* 5OK9*
5OLA* 5OLB* 5OLC* 5OLD* 5OLE* 5OLF* 5OLG* 5OLH* 5OLI* 5OLK* 5OLL* 5OLM* 5OLN* 5OLO* 5OLP* 5OLQ* 5OLR* 5OLS* 5OLT* 5OLV* 5OLX* 5OLY* 5OL0* 5OL1* 5OL2* 5OL3* 5OL4* 5OL5* 5OL6* 5OL7* 5OL8* 5OL9*
5OMA* 5OMB* 5OMC* 5OMD* 5OME* 5OMF* 5OMG* 5OMH* 5OMI* 5OMK* 5OML* 5OMM* 5OMN* 5OMO* 5OMP* 5OMQ* 5OMR* 5OMS* 5OMT* 5OMV* 5OMX* 5OMY* 5OM0* 5OM1* 5OM2* 5OM3* 5OM4* 5OM5* 5OM6* 5OM7* 5OM8* 5OM9*
5ONA* 5ONB* 5ONC* 5OND* 5ONE* 5ONF* 5ONG* 5ONH* 5ONI* 5ONK* 5ONL* 5ONM* 5ONN* 5ONO* 5ONP* 5ONQ* 5ONR* 5ONS* 5ONT* 5ONV* 5ONX* 5ONY* 5ON0* 5ON1* 5ON2* 5ON3* 5ON4* 5ON5* 5ON6* 5ON7* 5ON8* 5ON9*
5OOA* 5OOB* 5OOC* 5OOD* 5OOE* 5OOF* 5OOG* 5OOH* 5OOI* 5OOK* 5OOL* 5OOM* 5OON* 5OOO* 5OOP* 5OOQ* 5OOR* 5OOS* 5OOT* 5OOV* 5OOX* 5OOY* 5OO0* 5OO1* 5OO2* 5OO3* 5OO4* 5OO5* 5OO6* 5OO7* 5OO8* 5OO9*
5OPA* 5OPB* 5OPC* 5OPD* 5OPE* 5OPF* 5OPG* 5OPH* 5OPI* 5OPK* 5OPL* 5OPM* 5OPN* 5OPO* 5OPP* 5OPQ* 5OPR* 5OPS* 5OPT* 5OPV* 5OPX* 5OPY* 5OP0* 5OP1* 5OP2* 5OP3* 5OP4* 5OP5* 5OP6* 5OP7* 5OP8* 5OP9*
5OQA* 5OQB* 5OQC* 5OQD* 5OQE* 5OQF* 5OQG* 5OQH* 5OQI* 5OQK* 5OQL* 5OQM* 5OQN* 5OQO* 5OQP* 5OQQ* 5OQR* 5OQS* 5OQT* 5OQV* 5OQX* 5OQY* 5OQ0* 5OQ1* 5OQ2* 5OQ3* 5OQ4* 5OQ5* 5OQ6* 5OQ7* 5OQ8* 5OQ9*
5ORA* 5ORB* 5ORC* 5ORD* 5ORE* 5ORF* 5ORG* 5ORH* 5ORI* 5ORK* 5ORL* 5ORM* 5ORN* 5ORO* 5ORP* 5ORQ* 5ORR* 5ORS* 5ORT* 5ORV* 5ORX* 5ORY* 5OR0* 5OR1* 5OR2* 5OR3* 5OR4* 5OR5* 5OR6* 5OR7* 5OR8* 5OR9*
5OSA* 5OSB* 5OSC* 5OSD* 5OSE* 5OSF* 5OSG* 5OSH* 5OSI* 5OSK* 5OSL* 5OSM* 5OSN* 5OSO* 5OSP* 5OSQ* 5OSR* 5OSS* 5OST* 5OSV* 5OSX* 5OSY* 5OS0* 5OS1* 5OS2* 5OS3* 5OS4* 5OS5* 5OS6* 5OS7* 5OS8* 5OS9*
5OTA* 5OTB* 5OTC* 5OTD* 5OTE* 5OTF* 5OTG* 5OTH* 5OTI* 5OTK* 5OTL* 5OTM* 5OTN* 5OTO* 5OTP* 5OTQ* 5OTR* 5OTS* 5OTT* 5OTV* 5OTX* 5OTY* 5OT0* 5OT1* 5OT2* 5OT3* 5OT4* 5OT5* 5OT6* 5OT7* 5OT8* 5OT9*
5OVA* 5OVB* 5OVC* 5OVD* 5OVE* 5OVF* 5OVG* 5OVH* 5OVI* 5OVK* 5OVL* 5OVM* 5OVN* 5OVO* 5OVP* 5OVQ* 5OVR* 5OVS* 5OVT* 5OVV* 5OVX* 5OVY* 5OV0* 5OV1* 5OV2* 5OV3* 5OV4* 5OV5* 5OV6* 5OV7* 5OV8* 5OV9*
5OXA* 5OXB* 5OXC* 5OXD* 5OXE* 5OXF* 5OXG* 5OXH* 5OXI* 5OXK* 5OXL* 5OXM* 5OXN* 5OXO* 5OXP* 5OXQ* 5OXR* 5OXS* 5OXT* 5OXV* 5OXX* 5OXY* 5OX0* 5OX1* 5OX2* 5OX3* 5OX4* 5OX5* 5OX6* 5OX7* 5OX8* 5OX9*
5OYA* 5OYB* 5OYC* 5OYD* 5OYE* 5OYF* 5OYG* 5OYH* 5OYI* 5OYK* 5OYL* 5OYM* 5OYN* 5OYO* 5OYP* 5OYQ* 5OYR* 5OYS* 5OYT* 5OYV* 5OYX* 5OYY* 5OY0* 5OY1* 5OY2* 5OY3* 5OY4* 5OY5* 5OY6* 5OY7* 5OY8* 5OY9*
5O0A* 5O0B* 5O0C* 5O0D* 5O0E* 5O0F* 5O0G* 5O0H* 5O0I* 5O0K* 5O0L* 5O0M* 5O0N* 5O0O* 5O0P* 5O0Q* 5O0R* 5O0S* 5O0T* 5O0V* 5O0X* 5O0Y* 5O00* 5O01* 5O02* 5O03* 5O04* 5O05* 5O06* 5O07* 5O08* 5O09*
5O1A* 5O1B* 5O1C* 5O1D* 5O1E* 5O1F* 5O1G* 5O1H* 5O1I* 5O1K* 5O1L* 5O1M* 5O1N* 5O1O* 5O1P* 5O1Q* 5O1R* 5O1S* 5O1T* 5O1V* 5O1X* 5O1Y* 5O10* 5O11* 5O12* 5O13* 5O14* 5O15* 5O16* 5O17* 5O18* 5O19*
5O2A* 5O2B* 5O2C* 5O2D* 5O2E* 5O2F* 5O2G* 5O2H* 5O2I* 5O2K* 5O2L* 5O2M* 5O2N* 5O2O* 5O2P* 5O2Q* 5O2R* 5O2S* 5O2T* 5O2V* 5O2X* 5O2Y* 5O20* 5O21* 5O22* 5O23* 5O24* 5O25* 5O26* 5O27* 5O28* 5O29*
5O3A* 5O3B* 5O3C* 5O3D* 5O3E* 5O3F* 5O3G* 5O3H* 5O3I* 5O3K* 5O3L* 5O3M* 5O3N* 5O3O* 5O3P* 5O3Q* 5O3R* 5O3S* 5O3T* 5O3V* 5O3X* 5O3Y* 5O30* 5O31* 5O32* 5O33* 5O34* 5O35* 5O36* 5O37* 5O38* 5O39*
5O4A* 5O4B* 5O4C* 5O4D* 5O4E* 5O4F* 5O4G* 5O4H* 5O4I* 5O4K* 5O4L* 5O4M* 5O4N* 5O4O* 5O4P* 5O4Q* 5O4R* 5O4S* 5O4T* 5O4V* 5O4X* 5O4Y* 5O40* 5O41* 5O42* 5O43* 5O44* 5O45* 5O46* 5O47* 5O48* 5O49*
5O5A* 5O5B* 5O5C* 5O5D* 5O5E* 5O5F* 5O5G* 5O5H* 5O5I* 5O5K* 5O5L* 5O5M* 5O5N* 5O5O* 5O5P* 5O5Q* 5O5R* 5O5S* 5O5T* 5O5V* 5O5X* 5O5Y* 5O50* 5O51* 5O52* 5O53* 5O54* 5O55* 5O56* 5O57* 5O58* 5O59*
5O6A* 5O6B* 5O6C* 5O6D* 5O6E* 5O6F* 5O6G* 5O6H* 5O6I* 5O6K* 5O6L* 5O6M* 5O6N* 5O6O* 5O6P* 5O6Q* 5O6R* 5O6S* 5O6T* 5O6V* 5O6X* 5O6Y* 5O60* 5O61* 5O62* 5O63* 5O64* 5O65* 5O66* 5O67* 5O68* 5O69*
5O7A* 5O7B* 5O7C* 5O7D* 5O7E* 5O7F* 5O7G* 5O7H* 5O7I* 5O7K* 5O7L* 5O7M* 5O7N* 5O7O* 5O7P* 5O7Q* 5O7R* 5O7S* 5O7T* 5O7V* 5O7X* 5O7Y* 5O70* 5O71* 5O72* 5O73* 5O74* 5O75* 5O76* 5O77* 5O78* 5O79*
5O8A* 5O8B* 5O8C* 5O8D* 5O8E* 5O8F* 5O8G* 5O8H* 5O8I* 5O8K* 5O8L* 5O8M* 5O8N* 5O8O* 5O8P* 5O8Q* 5O8R* 5O8S* 5O8T* 5O8V* 5O8X* 5O8Y* 5O80* 5O81* 5O82* 5O83* 5O84* 5O85* 5O86* 5O87* 5O88* 5O89*
5O9A* 5O9B* 5O9C* 5O9D* 5O9E* 5O9F* 5O9G* 5O9H* 5O9I* 5O9K* 5O9L* 5O9M* 5O9N* 5O9O* 5O9P* 5O9Q* 5O9R* 5O9S* 5O9T* 5O9V* 5O9X* 5O9Y* 5O90* 5O91* 5O92* 5O93* 5O94* 5O95* 5O96* 5O97* 5O98* 5O99*

US States where these plates are used

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • District of Columbia
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

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